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The Zaxby’s Customer Feedback Survey is an online poll the restaurant chain created that can be accessed at It lets Zaxby’s gauge your content with their goods and customer service. The purpose of these surveys is to help the enterprise order to improve effectiveness in certain sections of their business. For customer comfort, this Zaxbyslistens survey is conducted online mode. Online surveys are an excellent way to connect with and involve your intended audience. This helps entrepreneurs in a zillion ways. 

Zaxbyslistens Survey Official

Zaxbyslistens Survey at

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Some of these are for Zaxbyslistens:

  • By quickly contacting your potential customers, you may improve success rates.
  • Cheaper than proper market analysis can be conducted. 
  • Get findings immediately for quick and simple assessment.

In 1990, Zaxbyslistens (Zaxbys) was launched in Statesboro, Georgia 1990, and was at first called ZAX. It was invented by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley, who were childhood pals. Their straightforward objective was to provide only the finest cuisine in a pleasant ambiance. As the founders expected, it was the first elite restaurant that offered quick service; hence, the idea was a hit. They made a decision to franchise their trade name in 1994 and established their main office in Athens, Georgia. Besides just serving food to famished visitors, they expanded their brand to create a franchisee network of business owners.

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We are frequently asked why we affix a Z to almost everything. To begin with, that’s just some of it. We utilize it for the most critical aspects, such as Fingerz and Zalads, and for strange uses, such as Rewardz and Zattitude. Really, the sole criterion is: “Will it encourage anyone to pause and smile?”


Zaxbyslistens has a reputation for serving delicious meals. They begin with premium ingredients, such as chicken that is 100% entire white flesh. All of their components are skillfully cooked with attention, from dressing the chicken to slicing fresh vegetables. And the preparation of your food begins once you place an order. Last but not least, we encourage you to sample one of their twelve distinctive sauces to satisfy your taste buds.


Here’s a step-to-step guide written below on how to take the survey:

  1. Visit
  2. Use the drop-down boxes to specify the visiting time, insert the total money spent, and input the survey entry code. These may contain both letters and digits. When it’s done, press enter.
  3. Respond to inquiries regarding your visit. These may cover a wide range of questions concerning the employees, the restaurant, and many other topics. Read the instructions carefully and try to answer genuinely.
  4. You can enter the giveaway by providing your contact details, such as your name, mobile number, email address, and others. In case you are an immediate winner, the authorities will contact you. 


The minimum requirements to take the survey are:

  1. You must have a mobile or computer or tab.
  2. You must have internet access.
  3. You must be able to read and reply in English or Spanish.
  4. You must have visited a Zaxby’s store recently.
  5. You must have a valid Zaxbyslistens receipt that has yet to cross the expiry date.
  6. You must be a minimum of 18 years or older to participate.
  7. You must be a U.S. citizen and a lawful resident.


The Zaxbyslistens Guest Experience Survey can be accessed at, where you can have an advantage of a free big Zax Snak as the survey prize. The receipt would be valid for 14 days, and the offer expires 30 days after the receipt date. The survey has its own limit, which only a single person can access per receipt. And the offer also has its limit where you can have one free item per receipt on a single visit.

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Below written are specific terms of usage which you must not violate for Zaxbyslistens:

  1. Messing with the function of the digital websites or the servers or protocols, hacking or tearing down any part of the digital websites, or breaking any rules, practices, or regulations.
  2. Unless expressly permitted by these Terms of Service, you cannot make copies, adjust, recreate, exhibit, or somehow mismanage any components readily accessible through the Online Services.
  3. Any keylogger, invalid files, viruses, or other programming code, or document, that is highly hazardous or intrusive or designed to harm or usurp the function or machinery may not be posted, transmitted, or otherwise made accessible through or in link with the Online Services.
  4. Using these digital services for any business, deception, criminal, or otherwise civil liability purpose.
  5. Personal data about users of digital Services is gathered or recorded.
  6. Imposing limitations on or preventing anybody else from accessing the online services.
  7. Without any prior permission, you cannot duplicate, alter, convert, transform, develop derivative works from, resell, lend, dispense or otherwise monetize any part of the digital Services, except as specifically permitted above.
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  9. Remove any notices of infringement, logo, or other property rights from the digital Services.
  10.  Methodically download and save stuff from digital services.
  11.  Without their previous written consent, you cannot use any device, site application, or other handbook or fully automated tool to fetch, score, “scoop,” “information mine,” or otherwise compile digital Services content or to copy or interfere with the logical organization or appearance of our website. Despite those as mentioned above, they grant social web search operators approval to be using spiders to replicate data from their site for the explicit objective of creating public access and powerful search metrics of these materials, but just not stashes or records of such materials, limited to compliance with any commands uploaded in the robots.txt folder present in the current directory of their site.


These digital Services are managed and run from the United States and are not meant to expose any laws or jurisdictions outside of the United States. Some non-U.S. territories may not be suitable or able to use these digital Services. You use the digital services at your own expense and are responsible for adhering to all legal requirements, norms, and guidelines. We reserve the right to restrict access to the digital Services at any time, whether in whole or in part, to any individual, region, or legal power of our choosing.


What benefits are you gaining from the Zaxbylistens Survey, given that it is evident that there is no money to be made? You will receive complimentary meals here, just as in most of the other eatery customer satisfaction surveys. It gives you a free huge Zax Snak; Zaxbylistens appreciates and honors the viewpoints of its consumers regarding the eatery. You should always be aware of the fact that these prizes are giveaways. These surveys provide a chance-based game. And that they are only yours if you are fortunate enough to succeed. The good news is that taking part in these events is free. 

How To Take Zaxbyslistens Survey - Win Coupon


  • Participating is totally free, with a very simple registration process for Zaxbyslistens.
  • There is no exclusion from surveys and no minimum payout.
  • You can get a free big Zax Snak.
  • The validity of the receipt is just 14 days.
  • The website is mobile-friendly.
  • A reputable business conducts the survey.
  • The promotional code is valid for 13 days.


If you have any concerns regarding their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or anything else relating to their online services, then do not hesitate to contact the authorities.


  • Zaxby’s Franchising LLC (
  • Attn: Marketing Department
  • 1040 Founders Blvd.
  • Athens, GA 30606




Online polls take, in general, two-thirds less time to finish than classic research techniques. Visitors don’t have to wait for paper surveys to be returned because data is just being collected automatically; instead, responses are given virtually instantly. Digital marketing specialists claim that during the initial three days of the investigation topic, and also more than half of the replies are obtained.


Online polls have a far lower margin of error since respondents input their answers directly into the database. Since manual error can occur whenever someone needs to execute a recurring operation, classic solutions rely on personnel to input all information accurately. 


Your investigation expenditures will be reduced by using online Zaxbyslistens surveys. You won’t have to spend funds or time entering the data into a system, allowing you to save money on mailing. The findings are always available, and suggestions are handled manually.


The online poll’s findings are available for analysis at any moment. View findings instantly so you can take immediate action. You can also start sharing your results with anybody, generate graphs for analysis, and extract data for more in-depth research.


A vast number of Internet users choose to do online questionnaires rather than over the phone. With an online poll, individuals may finish it whenever is most convenient for them, and it takes significantly less time. Utilizing Smart Surveys Skip logic function, queries that are irrelevant to a specific respondent may be bypassed manually.


For investigators, the significant advantage of online polls is that they boost output by reducing labor costs. When the further in-depth analysis is required, data may be quickly exported into sophisticated analytical techniques or excel sheets.


An online poll is a chance to reinforce your reputation and educate customers about the advantages you offer. An online survey may be personalized with customized backdrops, photos, logos, typography, final redirect pages, and even the questionnaire URL to fit your company website. Make sure your internet poll provider offers cell phone surveys so you may expand your audience while keeping your brand consistent across all devices.


An online poll is a chance to reinforce your reputation and educate customers about the advantages you offer. An online survey may be personalized with customized backdrops, photos, logos, typography, final redirect pages, and even the questionnaire URL to fit your company website. Make sure your internet poll provider offers cell phone surveys so you may expand your audience while keeping your brand consistent across all devices.


Depending on the response to an earlier question, the set of questions in an internet poll can be modified, or questions might be bypassed entirely. In this manner, a survey may be customized as each respondent completes it.


Q1. Do you make any real money after winning the Zaxbyslistens survey?

Ans: No, but you can enjoy free food in case you win.

Q2. What is the minimum age to participate in the survey?

Ans: You must be 18 years or above to join the survey.

Q3. Can anyone from Japan take part in the Zaxbyslistens survey?

Ans: This survey is just for legal citizens of the United States.

Q4. What’s the probability of winning?

Ans: It’s a complete chance-based game. So, if your luck favors you, only you will win.

Q5. What is the language used in the Zaxbyslistens survey?

Ans: English and Spanish language only.


Consider participating in the survey if you wish to let the brand know your thoughts regarding the service. The business is curious to hear out wholeheartedly since it will help them figure out what works. Where things are currently functioning correctly, changes can be made. Still, it’s incredibly vital that they are aware of the areas where customers had a bad experience so that they can change them for a pleasant result.

In conclusion, online polls are a fantastic alternative for individuals and groups that want to do their personal investigation since they take less time, are less expensive, produce findings faster, and can be transferred and used in a variety of ways to address significant issues.